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Can I customize my VPS server kernel?

No you can’t do it. Its OpenVZ based VPS servers, if you need custom kernel you need order dedicated or our hybrid server.

Can I distribute my VPS to smallers VPS?

It is not possible. If you want to resell VPS, we offer individual server for it.

Can I install some grafical enviroment for my VPS server?

Sure. You can use your Linux distibution package management system like yum or apt-get to install grafical enivromenet to your VPS server. LYou will need more server resaurces for grafical enviroment.

Can I use NAT in my VPS server?

No its not possible in our VPS servers.

Can I use TUN/TAP device in my VPS?

VPS TUN/TAP module is disabled by default and will not be enabled. You will not be able to setup VPN on our VPS

How associate domain with VPS server?

You can point your domain DNS A record to your VPS server IP address. Or you can use custom DNS servers, wich are configured to pint your domain to your VPS server.If your domain is registred with us, you can do this:

How change VPS password from console?

If you want change password we send to you, you can change with command passwd

How enlarge or shrink my VPS?

If you want made changes (enlarge or shrink) for you VPS you need contact

How long takes to start VPS?

Our system works automatically and after payment your VPS will be ready in 15 minutes. You will get all information to your email.

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