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What software I need to connect to VPS server?

If you are using Windows OS the best softare is Putty.  If you are using Linux distibution the best software is openssh client and you can install it with yum or apt-get if you  are using debian based distribution.


Panel installation

If you want install cpanel on your VPS server you need order cPanell license and after payments you can run:

wget -N

sh latest

Now it starts installing. It will take ~2h to complete installation. It depends on your server’s speed. Make sure you don’t write anything to console while it installs or installation might fail.

So if everything is installed you have to activate your cPanel / WHM license. It goes like that:




And you are done. If everything went well you can access WHM now. To go to your WHM go to: http://youriphere:2086.

Kloxo web panel

A dedicated or virtual server running CentOS or Red Hat EL 5.x. CentOS 6.x is not currently supported.
At least 256 MB of RAM (enough to run Yum).
At least 2 GB of free disk space for Kloxo and related services.
If you partitioned your disks manually, make sure you have a large /tmp. Kloxo uses /tmp to create and store backups temporarily and the process will fail if there is not enough space.


Kloxo installation consists of downloading from and executing it as root. The script will present you with a few questions and sometimes ask for a password (enter your root password).

If you don’t have MySQL server already installed, you must run:
yum install -y wget


To install as Master (Default Single Server):


sh ./ –type=master


To install as Slave:


sh ./ –type=slave



If you already have MySQL installed and set a root password, you must run:
yum install -y wget
sh ./ –type=<master/slave> –db-rootpassword=PASSWORD


It looks like this:


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