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How to reset dedicated server root password?

You need login and create a ticket about password reset. Password reset will cost you 12 Eur or we can give you IP KVM.

My dedicated server is unreachable. What to do?.

First of all you need check your payments, your server can be suspended, because we didin’t received  your payment.

You need login  – Manage service and there you can found Due invoices if you have unpaid services.

If you have done payment, but your server is still suspended you need  contact sales manages and inform us about your payment.

Second  You can try restart your server using KVM or create ticket from you client area

What is IP KVM?

IP KVM provides secure KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) server management over an IP network.

Software, Security and Management features:

  • Full BIOS-level control of the attached server
  • Virtual Media Support
  • Secure encryption of keyboard, mouse, and video data
  • Browser-based – no client software required


It looks like this:


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