Questions in dedicated servers

All information about dedicated servers

Are you offering IPv6 for dedicated server?

No, but we have plans to offer IPv6 near in future.

Can I get a custom dedicated server configuration?

Yes, customers can upgrade or downgrade our standard dedicated servers:
If you have special requirements for dedicated server, please contact us:

Can I reinstall dedicated server OS?

Reinstall cost 12 Euro onetime fee. Or we can give you IP KVM, you can do it for yourself for free.

How I can get additional IP’s for dedicated server?

Please contact sales with request to order more IP’s. We offer max 4 IP’s per VPS server.
If 4 IP’s is not enough for you, we can offer dedicated server with 8, 16, 32 or 64 IP’s per one server.

How long takes to setup dedicated server?

Opti series servers setup time are from 2 hours to 48 hours. It depends on time (We do not setup servers on weekends), available resources and busyness.

Custom orders – up to 2 weeks.

How much cost server management panel?

We offer two control panels:

cPanel – 33eur/month for server.
DirectAdmin – 8eur/month. 65Eur lifetime license

What to do if you want Oracle Solaris or FreeBSD?

If you want install Oracle Solaris or FreeBSD we can give you IP KVM for instalation.  After server payment we will send you IP KVM logins.

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